I heard that love is friendship on fire.

I'm Lydia, London 🇬🇧

I'm nineteen.

Feel free to fill my ask box!

14:26 It’s all kicking off on cheaters!
04:34 My sister is my best friend
01:43 I miss America :(
14:52 Off to work :(
20:58 Completely forgot to post this for one of my asks!
08:18 Starting to like my hair a little more now
10:13 New hair guys :3
16:22 Got my glasses and I look so crappy yay
20:02 My hair looks gingery and this makes me happy
09:34 Can’t get into college so it’s back to the sweats and revision! 📚
13:32 En route to work.
18:04 Rough day and now having I make papa dinner.
12:16 Turtlenecks are so comfy omg
23:39 L8r m8
10:25 ha, I like this photo of me